General Help

A browser is a software program that lets you surf the Web. In fact, you're using one right now! However, you may still need to upgrade to a newer browser if you want the ultimate experience. If you're not running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher then it's time to download and install the latest update:

Click here to go to the Microsoft download site

ActiveX Objects/Plug-ins:
To help your browser run games and display animations, each time you upgrade your browser, you'll also need to download and install these ActiveX Objects (plug-ins): Flash� Player version 8 or better and Macromedia� Shockwave� version 10 or better.

Click here to go to Macromedia for the latest Flash and Shockwave plug-ins. Look for the link to "Downloads" on the navigation bar.

AOL Users:
If you use AOL, we recommend you use AOL Version 7.0 or higher. To upgrade to a higher version of AOL, check for more information.

TurboNick Requirements:
Win XP or 2000
IE 6.0 or higher
Window Media Player v10.0 or higher - You can download it here.
Macromedia Flash Plug-in v8.x or higher
Minimum Broadband Bandwidth: 400kbs
Maximum Broadband Bandwidth: 1,000kbs
No dial-up support
Processor: PII 666mhz
Internal Memory: 256 MB RAM

General Site Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP or higher
Processor: Pentium 800 or higher
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Browser: Internet Explorer (IE): 6.0 or higher, AOL 7.0 or higher
Monitor: Millions of colors,
1024 x 768 or higher

G5 preferred
Operating system: Mac OS X (10.3 or better)
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Browser: Safari 2.0
Monitor: Millions of colors